Media Club: August - Women Rule Podcast

We wanted to do a fun community building thing each month called the Media Club! Sort of like a book club but we'll feature other types of media as well, like a podcast or a documentary. Whatever it is, we want to feature something that educates, entertains and brings people together.

The month of August isn't over yet so let's take a moment to enjoy and learn from this month's Media Club recommendation. This time we're going to focus on a podcast hosted by POLITICO editor, Carrie Budoff Brown. The podcast is called Women Rule, and focuses on women's leadership in politics. Each episode, Brown interviews female politicians or activists.

This podcast is a great resource to find out about women involved in politics and learn from their experiences. Women Rule highlights the struggle to running for office, maintaining confidence and making a difference in our communities. A good episode to start with is an interview Brown did with three female mayors:

In this episode, Brown interviews Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski. It's a productive discussion about specific issues and challenges each mayor has faced ranging from sexism to police reform. It's inspiring to hear from an African-American mayor and an openly gay mayor and see all three have a supportive, intersectional conversation about their experiences.

Women Rule Female Mayors podcast

(Image Credit: Reena Flores/POLITICO)

One of my favorite moments from the discussion is when Mayor Pugh talked about the absence of female speakers at the Women's Leadership Workshop at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. She emphasizes the importance of hearing the female perspective concerning female leadership--pretty obvious, right? Thankfully, this podcast does just that, so listen to this episode and more for guidance, advice, and inspiration.

What do you think of Women Rule? What parts of the conversation spoke to you? Are there any other podcasts you think we should listen to?